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New Award Shortlisting: Making tech policy strategic, inclusive and relevant - one year of helping Parliament engage with the tech sector

November 1st 2017

We’re pleased to announce we’ve been shortlisted for the Best Public Affairs Campaign by CorpComms 2017 Awards for our work with the Parliamentary Internet, Communications and Technology Forum (Pictfor). Adding to our growing recognition -- most recently Lodestone was shortlisted for the PRCA’s Ethical Champions 2017 Award -- we are proud to deliver the best for our clients.

Pictfor is the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the tech sector. The group provides a forum for Parliamentarians, members of the technology industry and other stakeholders to meet, understand priorities and share ideas on how to continue to strengthen the UK’s position as a leading digital economy.


We concentrated on delivering a renewed strategic focus while increasing the group’s inclusivity, diversity and relevance. To do this Pictfor needed new ideas, a fresh strategy and an innovative events and communications plan to support Parliamentarians as they engaged with one of the most crucial sectors for the future: tech.

By applying sharp analysis, creative thinking and agile delivery we have helped to add new energy to the group through our work providing secretariat services. In terms of officers and event attendance, Pictfor now boasts one of the highest levels of Parliamentary engagement of any APPG with a broad diversity of speakers and members. Thirteen new Parliamentarians have become Pictfor officers bringing the total to 23. More than 100 different Parliamentarians have attended at least one event in the last year and industry membership has risen significantly.

Pictfor is now one of the most active, energised, relevant and diverse groups within Parliament, providing a stimulating forum for strategic discussion on tech. We would love to hear from more people, stakeholders and organisations who are interested in getting involved. If you’d like to find out more about Pictfor please contact admin@pictfor.org.uk.