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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Back in October, Rishi Sunak claimed - to a slightly baffled Conservative Party Conference audience - that his government was a change government. Politics had been broken for thirty years. Rishi and his band of merry misfits were going to rip up the rule book and sort it all out.

That was a long time ago, in political terms anyway. Today, Rishi Sunak brought former PM and godfather of both austerity (intentionally) and Brexit (accidentally) back as his Foreign Secretary. This begs a number of questions, to say the least.

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October 29th 2018

When the deal goes down

What - actually - is austerity? Or maybe, what was austerity? That is the question upon which the political success of this budget will hinge. The Prime Minister has promised us, after all, that ‘Austerity...
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October 1st 2018

Tell Me Lies

Hands up who wants to live in SuperCanada? It is just like Canada but it has bridges to everywhere and really cheap, chlorinated chicken for all. No? Ok, how about Singapore-Upon-Thames? Or Switzerland-by-Sea? Or...
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September 24th 2018

We’re Not in Kansas

The Wizard of Oz was - before its salvation via Judy Garland - a popular but cranky extended allegory for a niche conspiracy theory. L. Frank Baum - the creator of Oz and of...
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September 17th 2018

This Charming Man

Aung San Suu Kyi has a Nobel Peace Prize. Morrissey created a hymnal to the sorrows of working class difference. Harvey Weinstein has quite a few Oscar winners to his name. It is possible...
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September 3rd 2018

Bomb First (My Second Reply)

Is this how it will be forever? Week in, week out. Like films in the Saw horror franchise or the Changing of the Guard? Boris Johnson - former London Mayor, former Foreign Secretary, former...
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