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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Back in October, Rishi Sunak claimed - to a slightly baffled Conservative Party Conference audience - that his government was a change government. Politics had been broken for thirty years. Rishi and his band of merry misfits were going to rip up the rule book and sort it all out.

That was a long time ago, in political terms anyway. Today, Rishi Sunak brought former PM and godfather of both austerity (intentionally) and Brexit (accidentally) back as his Foreign Secretary. This begs a number of questions, to say the least.

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February 9th 2023

What does 2023 hold for technology

Jo Dalton, Associate Director at Lodestone and former Political Secretary to Lord Tom Watson (during his time as Deputy Leader and Shadow SoS for DCMS), gives her take on the outlook for technology this year...
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February 7th 2023

Standing in the way of control

Last week, the authors of these notes stated that, ‘the Government isn’t working’. Unexpectedly, Rishi Sunak has today announced that he agrees. Rather than simply reshuffle his ministers, the Prime Minister has decided on a...
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February 3rd 2023

Working 9 to 5

Britain isn’t working. This week teachers joined the long list of workers - train drivers, paramedics, nurses, bus drivers and more - who have downed tools to demand wage rises that compensate for rampant inflation...
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