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Higher Education Strategy Expert Alex Favier Joins Lodestone

Lodestone has appointed Alex Favier as an Associate to further boost our Higher Education practice.

Alex will play a key role in delivering Research Advocacy and Institutional Influence Strategy programmes for the UK’s leading universities. He joins the Lodestone team following 35% growth of the business, and a series of new client wins.

With over a decade of global and political affairs experience, Alex has an outstanding track-record of innovation, impact and creativity. Having built award-winning public affairs functions at both the University of Warwick and the University of Nottingham he has developed an international reputation for sector-leadership and collaboration. He has established groups such as the Russell Group Political Affairs Network, the UK Universities Overseas Campus Network and initiatives such as the UPP Civic University Commission. During his time at the University of Nottingham, he established the Institute for Policy and Engagement and served as the Director of Global and Political Affairs. He combines his time on consultancy with his role as the Director of Global Reputation and Partnerships at the University of Nottingham, as Co-Chair of the UK Universities Overseas Campus Network and as the European Representative on the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education’s Global Commission.

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April 3rd 2020

Phoenix From The Flame

One reason for the lack of excitement about the results of Labour’s internal elections - to be announced on Saturday - is that it feels a bit like this is a Schrodinger’s poll. Keir Starmer...
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March 20th 2020

A change is gonna come

Now is not the time to pretend to be an epidemiologist or a doctor or even a behavioural scientist. Amateur hour has passed, and what we need now is expertise. So, on whether the...
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March 18th 2020

How to influence policy remotely

With it looking increasingly likely that face to face meetings, for the next few months at least, will become a thing of the past, we have been considering how experts can continue to influence policy...
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Money note
March 11th 2020

What You Want? Baby I Got It

Most people don’t think about politics very much. And they certainly don’t have anything so bizarre as an ideology. They judge as they find. They don’t feel compelled to impose a philosophical framework, they...
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