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Lodestone Communications

On Wednesday, we gathered with friends and family to celebrate Lodestone’s 5th anniversary on the rooftop of the National Theatre in London.

With the hung Parliament, Trump, and Brexit, these past five years have been some of the most turbulent times in political memory.

One of the few firms to predict the unexpected, we’re proud of our innovative approach: combining sharp analysis, creative thinking and agile delivery with an expert team.

We want to inspire the next generation to think strategically too. In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we’re giving back by supporting a number of causes that are close to our hearts.  

We’re proud to have donated towards the inaugural production of the newly formed Batley and Spen Youth Theatre. The theatre group put on Les Misérables earlier this month in memory of Jo Cox. Bringing together the community, this production has enabled open-mindedness and enhanced critical-thinking by creating new friendships and networks.

Street artist Camille Walala uses bright colours to transform public spaces, inspiring creative thinking. We’re helping her paint a local primary school playground near our London office – turning grey into creative patterns and inspiring innovation in the next generation.

When we discovered that 9.1 million women didn’t vote in the 2010 General Election – making women aged 18-24 then the least likely group to vote – we set out to change that. We set up RegistHERtoVote. Using agile social media campaigning we encouraged women to register, vote and trust their political knowledge. In the run-up to the most recent election, with only £500 and a few hours, we reached a quarter of a million people. Now, women aren’t the least-likely to vote. We aren’t done yet – Lodestone is continuing to support our agile cross-party action campaign.

Used since ancient times for its magnetic power, lodestone has always aided navigation and is synonymous with leading the way.

We’re proud to have steered our many clients through the past five years – and we look forward to an exciting journey mapping out the next five.