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Lodestone Communications

Our Chairman and co-founder, David Wild, sat down with the Public Relations and Communications Association’s director general Francis Ingham to discuss current public affairs in an article published on Public Affairs News.

What’s David’s take on what’s going on in politics now?

His insight from the interview:

“Public affairs, politics, and business are mashing together in a way that really hasn’t happened since Thatcher de-coupled politics and business at the back end of the 80s with her privatisation programme.”

With business and politics converging and the past couple years seeing nearly every popular political predication turn out to be inaccurate, what sets Lodestone apart?

David explained: 

“At the core of what we do is our analysis. We live and die on its quality. That’s the thing that sets us apart.”

Ever wondered why ‘Lodestone’?

Once named Mystic Meg in the Public Affairs News Awards, having one eye toward a creative approach to public affairs is essential. This helped inspire the name, as David illuminated:

 “I’ve always been fascinated with Lodestone. It’s the material that was used thousands of years ago, by the Chinese, for the very first compasses…it fits the bill really well because like compasses, we help clients chart a course.”

 The wide-ranging interview even covered David’s guitar obsession:

 “One of my weaknesses is that I have rather too many guitars. And even though I’ve set myself a rule that it’s one in one out, I don’t think I’ve ever actually got rid of any.”

Find out which former Prime Minister is David’s political hero and more in the full interview here.