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Lodestone Communications


Crises strike quickly, stories gain momentum online and years of hard work developing a trusted relationship with stakeholders can be undermined overnight. We can’t stop a crisis occurring. But we can ensure that your response does not become the story. The Lodestone Legitimacy Framework helps anticipate and manage reputational risks – providing a structure to protect reputational capital. Our strategic approach to crisis management – and our understanding of digital media – will guide you through a crisis and ensure you do not become defined by it.

Our pragmatic, practical and hands-on media training covers broadcast, radio and print media. We bring out the best in everyone – from the hardened CEO to the ambitious political candidate. Giving you the skills to convey your message and the confidence to shine in even the most challenging of circumstances.


Appearing in front of a Select Committee is a high-pressured challenge. Individuals and corporates can be tested under the glare of a Select Committee’s questioning. Preparation is the key to success. Lodestone’s realistic and applied training will give you the skills and the practical tools to get your message across at even the most high-profile committee.

Our training and preparation is well researched and robust – from messaging workshops, to briefing packs and from advice on presentation to potential lines of questioning – Lodestone will guide you to deliver your messages clearly and coherently.

Our team has briefed leaders for some of the most high profile Select Committee hearings – and has also appeared in front of Select Committee themselves. We will give you the skills you need to perform under pressure.

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