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All Stars and Lodestone

June 8th 2023

Last month, as part of Lodestone’s Social Action Academy, we had the privilege to work with a group of inspiring #youngleaders from All Stars London on preparation for interviews and public speaking.

We spent a brilliant afternoon session discussing what makes a good communicator, before working in teams on putting theory into practice. It was fantastic to see the creativity, talent and application of the All Stars group as they worked out and rehearsed key messages on a range of topics, before demonstrating their newfound skills in front of their peers.


As part of the session, we wanted to put across the key advice we give to all our communicators: preparation, confidence, and an understanding that, while you may occasionally get knocked off course, the key is to pick yourself up and make sure land the message important to you.

At Lodestone, we’re committed through our work as a purpose-driven organisation and #BCorp, to support not-profit organisations such as All Stars in their mission to help others.

All Stars is a grassroots community organisation, who use a performance-based approach to transform the lives of young people. They dedicate their time to working with young people from London's poorest boroughs, encouraging them to perform their way to new possibilities they never imagined possible.

All Stars London Trustee and Co-Organiser Brian Mullin said, "This new connection with Lodestone feels like such a perfect fit for the work we do. All Stars' Young Leaders are training to 'perform their lives,' meaning that they can walk into any professional environment and present the best version of themselves. As experts in communication, Lodestone's team offered them a huge range of insightful, practical advice about how to get their messages across, which will no doubt help them as they move into future opportunities in higher education and the world of work."


I found the workshop with Lodestone very useful. I was able to improve my public speaking skills and take away practical tips. I had a recent debate in school and I was able to use the lily pad technique learned from Lodestone to build my statements. (Veronica)

The Lodestone visit was very enjoyable. The environment was great and the activities were very useful and interactive. I was able to take away lots of practical examples and skills to develop my presentation skills. (Omar)

I am more confident with presenting. The tips I learnt at Lodestone I have used at school already! Also I feel more confident talking with my friends and teachers at school. (Mir)

I found the Lodestone visit really fun and engaging. I do debate at school so this was something that was really in my comfort zone, however I was able to take on board their expert tips and develop my skills further in this area. I took away the importance of hand gestures and good eye contact are all things we should consider when presenting. And the people at Lodestone were lovely! (Alana)