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Labour Party Launches Manifesto – ‘Change’

Following a strong showing in last night’s Sky Leaders Debate in Grimsby, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer launched the Party’s manifesto Change at the Co-Op Bank in Greater Manchester surrounded by his Shadow Cabinet. While most manifestos aim to win over voters, Labour’s 23-point poll lead means that the main goal for their launch is not to rock the boat and all the major policies had been well trailed in advance.

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Downing Street
June 12th 2024

Fisherman’s Blues

In the fishing town of Grimsby, where the 1977-2015 MP briefly changed his name to ‘Haddock’ as a vote winner, the party leaders angled for victory in their second TV appearance of this election campaign...
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June 5th 2024


What is the point of the leaders’ debates? Well, that depends on which leader you are. For Keir Starmer, the point is to reinforce the central message of his campaign: we’ve changed, this country...
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