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Nowhere to run

What is the point of Boris Johnson? What is he for? That’s the question that a lot of Tory MPs are asking themselves today - as the results in Tiverton & Honiton and Wakefield sink in.

It’s not just that the Conservatives have lost two seats. That happens to governments in by-elections. It is to be expected. It is the emblematic nature of the seats that have been lost that matters. Wakefield is precisely the sort of Northern, ex-Labour, pro-Brexit place that delivered for the Tories their biggest majority in a generation. Tiverton & Honiton is precisely the sort of affluent, rural, well-healed place upon which the Conservatives have long been able to depend; it even returned a Tory in 1997. Both sides of the Tory electoral coalition are crumbling. So, what is the point of Boris Johnson?

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June 7th 2022

The Tide is High

Luck is a thing that is there until it isn’t. And today Boris Johnson’s luck began to evaporate. He won, yes. But he won like you win when the doctor tells you that it’s months...
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May 12th 2022

New Director Joins Lodestone

Purpose-led strategy and communications agency Lodestone has appointed Leon Flexman as a Director following 35% growth in 2021 and a series of new client wins and organic growth. Leon will head up the corporate affairs...
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April 22nd 2022

Lazy Afternoons

One of Boris Johnson’s secret weapons is his ability to ‘sit it out’. There’s not a lot to this, of course. But it is difficult to pull off nonetheless. Crises have their own magnetic power...
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February 4th 2022

Sad, Sad Situation

The human drama of our politics has seldom been so raw as last night’s events. Munira Mirza is not simply a departing aid. Her utility to Johnson went far beyond her impressive grasp of policy...
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January 24th 2022

Bad choices

It is not just Boris Johnson’s career that is on the line this week, it is the immediate electoral future of the Conservative Party. Many Tory MPs are waiting for Sue Gray to report before...
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December 17th 2021

Last Christmas?

You win some, you lose some. And for governments that have been in office for over a decade, when it comes to midterm by-elections, more often than not; you lose some. Why, then, does the...
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