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How to prepare for Labour’s approach to education

Labour’s approach to education is firmly focussed on addressing the missions set out by Keir Starmer, particularly those around the economy, getting Britain building again and breaking down barriers to opportunity. Labour views the education system as crucial to ensuring people have the right skills to help rebuild the economy.

Make no mistake, a potential incoming Labour Government would make major reforms to the education system, the largest shift in education policy since Gove’s interventions.

Labour has set out the most detail on its plans for childcare, schools, and skills reform, with the strength of the party’s relationship with teaching unions evident in the policy platform, and to date the party has shared less detail on its plans for Higher Education.

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February 16th 2024

Country Roads

Today we are going to ask you to put yourself in another person’s shoes. This person is a Conservative MP. Their seat would - under normal circumstances - be considered safe(ish). On the basis of...
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January 25th 2024


100 years ago this week, Ramsay MacDonald became Labour’s first Prime Minister. It was a historic moment but an inauspicious start to Labour’s journey as a party of power. For a start, MacDonald’s Labour didn’t...
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December 8th 2023

We’re all born naked and the rest is drag

It takes charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to become Prime Minister, normally. It also takes ambition. You have to really, really want it in order to get it. The hoops through which you will have...
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November 13th 2023

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Back in October, Rishi Sunak claimed - to a slightly baffled Conservative Party Conference audience - that his government was a change government. Politics had been broken for thirty years. Rishi and his band of...
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November 3rd 2023

Broken State

In shocking news to us all, it was revealed, this week that our government was almost comically badly run during the pandemic. We say ‘almost comically’ because when one sets aside the mutual loathing, the...
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