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Why I chose a B Corp accredited political consultancy – and you should too

One of the most powerful but unusual traits in politics is consistency. The public responds to people who look like they might actually do what they say they’ll do. Unfortunately, this just as often leads to the election of ‘straight talking’ people (usually men) who simply tell whoever’s in the room what they want to hear.

Consultancies advising clients on how to engage and interact with the political process must therefore make frequent decisions about who to advise, and how to advise them, and for what purpose. There is serious temptation for boards and executives – whether in the public, private or social sector – simply to mirror back the inconsistent, irrational behaviour they see in the political sphere.

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January 5th 2023

What I Go To School For

Yesterday, a grateful nation heard from peppy youth pastor Rishi Sunak. Today it was the turn of exasperated headmaster Keir Starmer to lay out his stall for 2023. Shirt-sleeves rolled up, stern face on, GCSE...
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January 4th 2023

Take Me To Church

The curate stepped up to the pulpit and surveyed his congregation. He had dreamed of this moment, of course. Trained for it. Practiced in front of the mirror. But it had come a little quicker...
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December 19th 2022

Lodestone's Festive Favourites 2022

We’ve had a busy and exciting year at Lodestone, working for more clients than ever before and seeing real impact. But there’s nothing like winding down for Christmas, perhaps with a glass of Never Say...
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