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How to prepare for Labour’s approach to education

Labour’s approach to education is firmly focussed on addressing the missions set out by Keir Starmer, particularly those around the economy, getting Britain building again and breaking down barriers to opportunity. Labour views the education system as crucial to ensuring people have the right skills to help rebuild the economy.

Make no mistake, a potential incoming Labour Government would make major reforms to the education system, the largest shift in education policy since Gove’s interventions.

Labour has set out the most detail on its plans for childcare, schools, and skills reform, with the strength of the party’s relationship with teaching unions evident in the policy platform, and to date the party has shared less detail on its plans for Higher Education.

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October 20th 2023

The Only Thing They Fear Is You

Today’s by-election results are un-spinnably terrible for the Conservative Party. Yes, Greg Hands might be bouncing around TV studios putting a brave (courageous, Sir Humphrey might say) face on it. But make no mistake, Tamworth...
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October 11th 2023

A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be

Keir Starmer made the intent of his leader’s speech explicitly clear at the outset and in the surrounding briefings. His plan for Labour had always had three, distinct stages. First, he wanted to fix the...
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October 6th 2023

A New Flower of Scotland

If you find yourself on the Glasgow to Liverpool train today, don’t be surprised if you find a couple of battle-hardened Labour activists popping the M&S prosecco amongst the ubiquitous hen dos and lads weekends...
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October 5th 2023

Rogue Trader

Imagine your house needs an extension. You find a builder, you commission plans, you battle your council for permission, and you’re ready to go. Down comes your back wall, the kitchen is stripped out, foundations...
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