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‘Efficiency’ is the deficiency at the heart of the UK’s false economy

The Conservatives are supposed to be known, above all, for ‘sound money’. That’s shorthand for a party that knows how to make decisions that are, in the long term, more sensible and sustainable than their opposition.

Liz Truss’s trust in instant growth via unfunded tax cuts arguably sent the party past the point of no return. But Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt represent an attempted return to ‘competence’.

Given that the chaos of crumbling schools and hospitals is now acting as a visual metaphor for ‘the natural party of government’, it seems crass to point out the obvious.

However, as it still seems beyond those still banging the drum for ‘efficiency’, the obvious still requires pointing out. Maybe some glitter, bright lights and a bit of Coronation-like pageantry would help to ram it home.

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January 23rd 2023

What does 2023 hold for health?

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January 20th 2023

Highway to Hell

Buckle up, ladies and gents, for a bumpier than expected ride in Rishi Sunak’s stretch limo tour of the Red Wall. This week was supposed to be the Prime Minister’s big chance to hand out...
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