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Bad Medicine

It was George Osborne’s genius that he was able to make a virtue of his chosen vice.

For a man who ideologically desires austerity - but who is smart enough to understand that the public do not share that desire - the global financial crisis was a gift. He could - with a sad and sombre mask to hide his glee - slash away at public services and heap the blame on the Labour Party.

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March 18th 2020

How to influence policy remotely

With it looking increasingly likely that face to face meetings, for the next few months at least, will become a thing of the past, we have been considering how experts can continue to influence policy...
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Money note
March 11th 2020

What You Want? Baby I Got It

Most people don’t think about politics very much. And they certainly don’t have anything so bizarre as an ideology. They judge as they find. They don’t feel compelled to impose a philosophical framework, they...
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March 9th 2020

Puppet on a String

For most modern chancellors their budget - particularly their first budget - has been very much their day. What is their vision for the British economy? What are their priorities and their foibles? What...
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February 14th 2020

Chasing The Crown

In 1964, Harold Wilson sent his deputy leader, George Brown, to head up a brand-new Department of Economic Affairs. The idea was to finally break the stranglehold of the Treasury on British Government. Its duties...
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Brexit note
January 31st 2020

Do you feel lucky?

It is over. At eleven o’clock this evening Britain formally leaves the European Union. Three years of uncertainty, of political chaos, of anger and distrust arrives at its conclusion. In Parliament Square a band will...
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January 27th 2020

Reflections from Davos 2020

“Unlike you, my generation will not give up without a fight” said Greta Thunberg at the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Speaking shortly after US President Donald Trump, who urged us to “reject...
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