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The Bourbon Alliance

Lodestone co-founded the Bourbon Alliance alongside key names from the hospitality sector and US Whisky category including Jack Daniel’s, Makers Mark and Jim Beam. The Bourbon Alliance was founded to secure the removal of the 25% retaliatory tariff placed on US Whiskeys being imported to the UK. We garnered significant grass roots support from members who represent every stage of the Whiskey supply chain, including bars, restaurants, importers, distillers, retailers and events organisers. We then began a bespoke public affairs campaign – briefing parliamentary stakeholders on the damage of the tariffs on UK plc, creating and landing a compelling narrative on behalf of the group’s 62 members.

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The Musicians' Union

Lodestone worked with the Musicians’ Union on their campaign to #FixStreaming, which aimed to secure a fairer share of streaming revenue for musicians, artists and creators. We developed a targeted media and political engagement campaign...
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COP26 - Association of Decentralised Energy

Lodestone supported the ADE on their activity at COP26 in Glasgow, 2021. Lodestone worked with the ADE to build a two week events program for members, ensuring members could make the most out of their...
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Glennmont Partners

Lodestone work with Glennmont Partners from Nuveen, one of Europe’s largest fund managers in renewable energy with assets under management of over €2bn. We advise Glennmont on corporate communication and provide senior counsel helping...
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Data Poverty APPG

Lodestone provides secretariat duties for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Data Poverty, supporting its mission to raise awareness of and tackle data poverty in the UK. In their role as the Group’s secretariat, Lodestone brings...
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University of Nottingham

Lodestone worked with the university to help showcase the expertise of academics and the impact of their research in media coverage, including broadcast media, opinion pieces and news pieces. Lodestone also delivered key training to...
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