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The Bourbon Alliance

Lodestone co-founded the Bourbon Alliance alongside key names from the hospitality sector and US Whisky category including Jack Daniel’s, Makers Mark and Jim Beam. The Bourbon Alliance was founded to secure the removal of the 25% retaliatory tariff placed on US Whiskeys being imported to the UK. We garnered significant grass roots support from members who represent every stage of the Whiskey supply chain, including bars, restaurants, importers, distillers, retailers and events organisers. We then began a bespoke public affairs campaign – briefing parliamentary stakeholders on the damage of the tariffs on UK plc, creating and landing a compelling narrative on behalf of the group’s 62 members.

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Small Business Charter Launch at No10

In collaboration with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and the Association of Business Schools, we launched a ‘trailblazing’ award – the Small Business Charter – at No 10 Downing Street. The awards...
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Hydrogen Innovation Zone Project

Lodestone works with the University of Nottingham’s Propulsion Futures Beacon to further the impact of their research into innovative transport fuels and to increase their profile with local and national political stakeholders. Recently Lodestone...
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Lodestone worked with EnergySolutions for over five years providing public affairs and strategic communications for their nuclear decommissioning operations in the UK. This work involved advising EnergySolutions on strategy while they sought damages over...
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