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University of Nottingham

Lodestone worked with the university to help showcase the expertise of academics and the impact of their research in media coverage, including broadcast media, opinion pieces and news pieces. Lodestone also delivered key training to academics to help enhance the impact and reach of their research - this included media training and comprehensive social media campaigning workshops.

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Midlands Engine

Lodestone work with the Midlands Engine Partnership - the UK’s largest pan-regional partnership - to increase its profile amongst parliamentarians, business leaders, and the media. We’ve gained traction in their priority sectors of green growth...
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COP26 - Association of Decentralised Energy

Lodestone supported the ADE on their activity at COP26 in Glasgow, 2021. Lodestone worked with the ADE to build a two week events program for members, ensuring members could make the most out of their...
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The Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE)

Lodestone works with the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) to create and deliver bespoke public affairs campaigns across policy areas such as decentralised energy, domestic-energy, Combined Heat and Power, supply chain capabilities, and government stimulus...
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Energy Research Accelerator

Lodestone works with the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) to raise its profile amongst parliamentarians, local leaders, civil servants and energy sector press. The ERA brings together nine Midlands-based, research-intensive organisations and a research community of...
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University of Birmingham Energy Institute

Lodestone works with the University of Birmingham’s Energy Institute to extend the reach and depth of their stakeholder engagement both locally and nationally, furthering the impact of their research and supporting significant REF achievements. Lodestone...
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