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How to prepare for Labour’s approach to education

Labour’s approach to education is firmly focussed on addressing the missions set out by Keir Starmer, particularly those around the economy, getting Britain building again and breaking down barriers to opportunity. Labour views the education system as crucial to ensuring people have the right skills to help rebuild the economy.

Make no mistake, a potential incoming Labour Government would make major reforms to the education system, the largest shift in education policy since Gove’s interventions.

Labour has set out the most detail on its plans for childcare, schools, and skills reform, with the strength of the party’s relationship with teaching unions evident in the policy platform, and to date the party has shared less detail on its plans for Higher Education.

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June 23rd 2023

“I’m totally, 100% on it.”

Not, this time, fizzy beverages for our self-declared “total Coke addict” PM. No. This week, Sunak has been reassuring the nation - in the style of a particularly desperate Apprentice contestant - that he is...
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June 8th 2023

All Stars and Lodestone

Last month, as part of Lodestone’s Social Action Academy, we had the privilege to work with a group of inspiring #youngleaders from All Stars London on preparation for interviews and public speaking. We spent a...
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May 31st 2023

Why you need a strategy story

As a business leader, you would be forgiven for spending much of your time fighting fires, instead of focusing on the future direction of your business. But whilst we’re facing myriad crises, it’s vital that...
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May 12th 2023

Empire of Dirt

With the dust settled on the local elections, all eyes are fixed on this parliament’s next, final, electoral showdown: we are on the downward slope towards a General Election. How the outcome of the last...
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