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February 21st 2024

How to prepare for Labour’s approach to education

Labour’s approach to education is firmly focussed on addressing the missions set out by Keir Starmer, particularly those around the economy, getting Britain building again and breaking down barriers to opportunity. Labour views the education...
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June 8th 2023

All Stars and Lodestone

Last month, as part of Lodestone’s Social Action Academy, we had the privilege to work with a group of inspiring #youngleaders from All Stars London on preparation for interviews and public speaking. We spent a...
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May 31st 2023

Why you need a strategy story

As a business leader, you would be forgiven for spending much of your time fighting fires, instead of focusing on the future direction of your business. But whilst we’re facing myriad crises, it’s vital that...
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March 29th 2023

#BCorpMonth: How can you avoid the greenwashing trap?

Greenwashing has ironically become a dirty word. The Oxford English dictionary defines it as; ‘The creation or propagation of an unfounded or misleading environmentalist image’. Pretty sinister, given mounting evidence that our environment is in...
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January 13th 2023

What does 2023 hold for higher education?

Orlando Wind-Cowie, Account Director at Lodestone, gives his take on the outlook for higher education this year. Having guided our clients through the turbulence of 2022, Lodestone’s team is well-placed to judge the key...