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September 4th 2023


Another brick in the wall After the summer season of exam results, today the moment finally came when the shadow front bench were presented with their grades by Head Master Starmer....
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July 21st 2023

A Swing and a Miss

By-elections don’t really tell you anything about the likely outcome of a general election, except when they do. There are a range of factors that might make one take the results in Selby, Somerton and...
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July 7th 2023

Super-Massive Black Hole

Sometimes, however unfairly, the past cannot be kept in the past. It rears its ugly head in the mirror - often at the moment it is least welcome. This is as true in politics as...
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June 23rd 2023

“I’m totally, 100% on it.”

Not, this time, fizzy beverages for our self-declared “total Coke addict” PM. No. This week, Sunak has been reassuring the nation - in the style of a particularly desperate Apprentice contestant - that he is...
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May 12th 2023

Empire of Dirt

With the dust settled on the local elections, all eyes are fixed on this parliament’s next, final, electoral showdown: we are on the downward slope towards a General Election. How the outcome of the last...
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May 5th 2023

Sweet relief

The overwhelming feeling amongst senior Labour strategists and campaigners this morning is neither elation nor excitement. It is relief. The local election results so far – and the best for Labour are likely yet to...
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April 21st 2023

Taking care of business

John Major was not really, personally, particularly unpopular. He was way below Blair in the run up to the 1997 General Election, sure. But he wasn’t hated. His party, on the other hand, was widely...
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March 24th 2023


What does ‘obvious’ mean? That’s the crux of the case against Boris Johnson, which played out this week as he faced the Privileges Committee. Is it ‘obvious’ that you are breaking the rules - *your*...
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March 20th 2023

B Corp month - coordinating a sustainable event

As part of B Corp month, the Lodestone team has put together some key tips for how your organisation can coordinate a sustainable event. The thoughtful movement toward sustainability and protecting the environment is reaching...
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March 20th 2023

Candidate Tracking

Ahead of the next General Election, we are tracking candidate selections to get insight into the make-up of the next Parliament.Using disparate sources of publicly available information, we have created a structured spreadsheet that helps...
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March 16th 2023

Too Little, Too Late?

Margaret Thatcher famously used the parable of the prudent housewife to explain her approach to the nation’s finances. In 1998 she told a Conservative women’s conference that “I can’t help reflecting that it’s taken a...
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