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June 13th 2024

Labour Party Launches Manifesto – ‘Change’

Following a strong showing in last night’s Sky Leaders Debate in Grimsby, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer launched the Party’s manifesto Change at the Co-Op Bank in Greater Manchester surrounded by his Shadow Cabinet. While...
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Downing Street
June 12th 2024

Fisherman’s Blues

In the fishing town of Grimsby, where the 1977-2015 MP briefly changed his name to ‘Haddock’ as a vote winner, the party leaders angled for victory in their second TV appearance of this election campaign...
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June 5th 2024


What is the point of the leaders’ debates? Well, that depends on which leader you are. For Keir Starmer, the point is to reinforce the central message of his campaign: we’ve changed, this country...
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June 3rd 2024

Rain On My Parade

Barbara Streisand, famously, enjoyed her ‘farewell’ retirement tour so much that she repeated the experience on multiple occasions over the following decade or so. There’s always been something of the diva about Nigel Farage -...
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May 10th 2024

A Change Would Do You Good

An under-priced factor in our political system is the human need for drama. Politicians are people and people get bored. People also panic, and people also do things – sometimes - not out of rational...
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May 3rd 2024

It’s almost over now

These aren’t midterms. The next time a Tory MP looks you in the eye and says ‘midterm local elections are always difficult for governing parties’ you should feel free to laugh in their face. We...
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April 26th 2024


Schadenfreude might not be an attractive sentiment but it is an inescapably human one. There is something delicious about watching one’s opponents experience extreme discomfort. We may wish that we didn’t feel that way, but...
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April 19th 2024

Caught In A Trap

Who would you ring if, at half past three in the morning, you found yourself locked in a flat by ‘bad people’ who were demanding five thousand pounds for your release? Your mum, maybe? Or...
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March 28th 2024

I Gotta Have Faith

It would be easy to make a joke about how desperately Rishi Sunak needs an Easter miracle. Our Prime Minister certainly has the appearance of a man who believes he is being unfairly crucified -...
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