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March 16th 2023

Too Little, Too Late?

Margaret Thatcher famously used the parable of the prudent housewife to explain her approach to the nation’s finances. In 1998 she told a Conservative women’s conference that “I can’t help reflecting that it’s taken a...
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March 8th 2023

Founders Journey

Fran O'Leary, Co-Founder & Director, Client Services, tells her Founders Journey for Lodestone Communications. When Martha Dalton, David Wild and I first set up Lodestone 10 years ago, we knew we wanted to provide a...
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February 28th 2023

Surprise, Surprise

That strange feeling you may have experienced whilst watching the news last night might have been surprise. Here was a Prime Minister announcing a deal on the trickiest bit of the Brexit riddle. Here was...
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February 24th 2023


This week the pollsters over at YouGov reported a 28 point lead for Labour, with the party reaching the deeply symbolic 50% mark with the public. Whether you are a Sir Keir enthusiast or a...
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February 23rd 2023

Britain on a mission: Starmer’s five priorities

In a landmark speech, Keir Starmer has aimed his Labour party squarely at a different concept of government: active, long-term, and purpose-driven. Of his five stated ‘missions’, the target for economic growth – to...
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February 15th 2023

You Can Run On For A Long Time

Resigned we must be while we're parting. Nicola Sturgeon was a cunning politician. She often took the low road but always managed to package her politics as the exemplar of ‘high-road’ progressivism. Her electoral...
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February 9th 2023

What does 2023 hold for technology

Jo Dalton, Associate Director at Lodestone and former Political Secretary to Lord Tom Watson (during his time as Deputy Leader and Shadow SoS for DCMS), gives her take on the outlook for technology this year...
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February 7th 2023

Standing in the way of control

Last week, the authors of these notes stated that, ‘the Government isn’t working’. Unexpectedly, Rishi Sunak has today announced that he agrees. Rather than simply reshuffle his ministers, the Prime Minister has decided on a...
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February 3rd 2023

Working 9 to 5

Britain isn’t working. This week teachers joined the long list of workers - train drivers, paramedics, nurses, bus drivers and more - who have downed tools to demand wage rises that compensate for rampant inflation...
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January 23rd 2023

What does 2023 hold for health?

Jack Bell, Account Director at Lodestone, gives his take on the outlook for health this year. Having guided our clients through the turbulence of 2022, Lodestone’s team is well-placed to judge the key opportunities and...
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January 20th 2023

Highway to Hell

Buckle up, ladies and gents, for a bumpier than expected ride in Rishi Sunak’s stretch limo tour of the Red Wall. This week was supposed to be the Prime Minister’s big chance to hand out...
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