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All falls down

Our new Prime Minister is busy briefing that she intends to ‘move fast and break things’. The markets demonstrate that she is achieving this, to a frankly terrifying extent, so she and her chancellor must be feeling pretty ‘mission accomplished’ as we enter Labour Conference week.

Meanwhile, ahead of his moment in the sun, Sir Keir Starmer’s aides have been likening his approach to the run-up to the next election to ‘a man carrying a priceless Ming vase across a highly polished floor’ (a description, incidentally, lifted from Roy Jenkins - who used it when talking about pre-landslide Blair, which feels apt in its own, imitative way).

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October 30th 2019

Casino Boogie

As an early Christmas present, Parliament has granted the British public their say. On who will form the next Government, on what will happen on Brexit, on which MPs will spend Boxing Day filling out...
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October 23rd 2019

Life is a Cabaret

Boris Johnson recalled Parliament on a Saturday because, for all his faults and flaws, he is a talented political dramatist. Having secured a deal - remarkably, it has to be acknowledged - the Prime Minister...
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October 2nd 2019

This Ole House

The overwhelming impression of many onlookers, left as an imprint after both main party conferences, is one of unreality. The holding pattern on Brexit is responsible for this strange dislocation. You instinctively feel that something...
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September 27th 2019

Gangsta's Paradise

“Nice constitutional democracy you’ve got there... shame if anything happened to it.” Not a direct quote from the Prime Minister, obviously. But a flavour of the sentiment, if you listen to the anger and...
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