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Bad Medicine

It was George Osborne’s genius that he was able to make a virtue of his chosen vice.

For a man who ideologically desires austerity - but who is smart enough to understand that the public do not share that desire - the global financial crisis was a gift. He could - with a sad and sombre mask to hide his glee - slash away at public services and heap the blame on the Labour Party.

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January 24th 2020

North Country Blues

Johnson won a major majority over a month ago. He has now passed his Brexit Bill and secured Britain’s passage out of the EU in a week’s time. That’s an achievement, whether one agrees with...
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December 16th 2019

What to expect from a Johnson majority government

Written by Lodestone Associate Andrew Gimson, Contributing Editor to Conservative Home, and author of Boris: The Adventures of Boris JohnsonJohnson will drive the government machine harder than it has ever been driven in peacetime...
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December 13th 2019

The Winner Takes It All

In the end, it wasn’t even close. There is no way that Jeremy Corbyn can spin this as a victory in all but name. There is no ‘one last heave’ here. The Conservative Party has...
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December 12th 2019

It's Only Just Begun

This evening, at 10pm, the BBC will publish the findings of its exit poll and we will have some idea of who this winter election has favoured. Based on analysis of interviews with people who...
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December 10th 2019

GE2019: Spotlight on...Wales

Spotlight on… Wales Over the course of the most unpredictable General Election campaign of living memory, Lodestone will be producing a series of notes shining a spotlight on the regions and nations that will decide...
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December 6th 2019

I Should Be So Lucky

On election night in 2017 a senior member of Tory campaign staff threw up, in the office, as the Exit Poll figures flashed on a big screen. They had known - they had thought -...
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