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How to prepare for Labour’s approach to education

Labour’s approach to education is firmly focussed on addressing the missions set out by Keir Starmer, particularly those around the economy, getting Britain building again and breaking down barriers to opportunity. Labour views the education system as crucial to ensuring people have the right skills to help rebuild the economy.

Make no mistake, a potential incoming Labour Government would make major reforms to the education system, the largest shift in education policy since Gove’s interventions.

Labour has set out the most detail on its plans for childcare, schools, and skills reform, with the strength of the party’s relationship with teaching unions evident in the policy platform, and to date the party has shared less detail on its plans for Higher Education.

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January 4th 2023

Take Me To Church

The curate stepped up to the pulpit and surveyed his congregation. He had dreamed of this moment, of course. Trained for it. Practiced in front of the mirror. But it had come a little quicker...
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December 19th 2022

Lodestone's Festive Favourites 2022

We’ve had a busy and exciting year at Lodestone, working for more clients than ever before and seeing real impact. But there’s nothing like winding down for Christmas, perhaps with a glass of Never Say...
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December 5th 2022

Lodestone appoints new director

Purpose-led strategy and communications agency Lodestone has appointed Tom King as a Director. Lodestone has brought Tom on board to provide senior counsel to its growing client list, strengthen the firm’s organisational capacity, and expand...