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Bad Medicine

It was George Osborne’s genius that he was able to make a virtue of his chosen vice.

For a man who ideologically desires austerity - but who is smart enough to understand that the public do not share that desire - the global financial crisis was a gift. He could - with a sad and sombre mask to hide his glee - slash away at public services and heap the blame on the Labour Party.

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November 16th 2018

Lodestone expands its international footprint

Political strategy and corporate communications agency Lodestone has launched a new affiliate network to equip clients with the political intelligence and policy expertise they need to achieve success across key European markets. The new affiliate...
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November 16th 2018

Gimme Shelter

It is very rare - particularly at the moment - that the House of Commons makes for must-watch TV. The weekly theatre of Prime Minister’s Questions has become, thanks to the pedestrian performances of...
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November 14th 2018

Dice Roll

They say there are only really seven types of narrative, only a limited number of stories to be told. Voyage and return, rags to riches, tragedy and rebirth etc. Theresa May is a quester...
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October 29th 2018

When the deal goes down

What - actually - is austerity? Or maybe, what was austerity? That is the question upon which the political success of this budget will hinge. The Prime Minister has promised us, after all, that ‘Austerity...
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