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Key themes in the clean energy sector: what to expect in 2023

Having guided our clients through the turbulence of 2022, Lodestone’s team is well-placed to judge the key opportunities and threats likely to influence the year ahead. Over the coming weeks, keep an eye out for other sectoral deep-dives in areas including investment and technology.

Lodestone Associate Director, Harry Padfield, looks at some of the key trends in clean energy that we are likely to see in 2023.

After a turbulent year for energy markets in 2022 that prompted significant interventions and stimulus packages from governments across Europe and in the US there is likely to be a greater degree of stability this year – but the risk of price shocks that could derail policy objectives will remain.

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December 13th 2018

You Keep Me Hangin' On

The first rule of politics is to learn how to count. So said the ultimate politicians’ politician President Johnson. And he was right, of course. Politics is a bit about ideas and a lot...
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November 16th 2018

Lodestone expands its international footprint

Political strategy and corporate communications agency Lodestone has launched a new affiliate network to equip clients with the political intelligence and policy expertise they need to achieve success across key European markets. The new affiliate...
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November 16th 2018

Gimme Shelter

It is very rare - particularly at the moment - that the House of Commons makes for must-watch TV. The weekly theatre of Prime Minister’s Questions has become, thanks to the pedestrian performances of...
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November 14th 2018

Dice Roll

They say there are only really seven types of narrative, only a limited number of stories to be told. Voyage and return, rags to riches, tragedy and rebirth etc. Theresa May is a quester...
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October 29th 2018

When the deal goes down

What - actually - is austerity? Or maybe, what was austerity? That is the question upon which the political success of this budget will hinge. The Prime Minister has promised us, after all, that ‘Austerity...
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