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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Back in October, Rishi Sunak claimed - to a slightly baffled Conservative Party Conference audience - that his government was a change government. Politics had been broken for thirty years. Rishi and his band of merry misfits were going to rip up the rule book and sort it all out.

That was a long time ago, in political terms anyway. Today, Rishi Sunak brought former PM and godfather of both austerity (intentionally) and Brexit (accidentally) back as his Foreign Secretary. This begs a number of questions, to say the least.

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July 25th 2019

We’re The Kids In America

What if you don’t want to be a ‘Prime Minister for all the country’? What if you’ve worked out that you don’t need to be? What if you’ve looked across the Atlantic and observed that...
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July 23rd 2019

King of Pain

Are you feeling ‘energetic’? Are you a ‘dude’? Are you ready to let sunshine rule the day? In a surprise to no-one, Boris Johnson has won the leadership of the Conservative Party and, with it...
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July 22nd 2019

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

So there we are, there is now only one major British political party to have never been led by a woman. Jo Swinson has won her party’s top prize and will lead the Lib Dems...
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June 26th 2019

I Believe in Miracles

There are two separate major doubts niggling the Johnson campaign. They are linked but they are not the same. The first concerns Mr. Johnson’s private life. Or his ‘character’ as his colleagues have decided to...
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June 21st 2019

Wacky Races

One of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will be installed as our next Prime Minister at the end of July. Conservative MPs have had their say - whittling ten candidates down to two - and...
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June 20th 2019

Oh What A Circus, Oh What A Show

The show is over, the big top is emptying, and the would-be lion tamer is back off to his caravan to lick his wounds. Rory Stewart has had an incredible leadership run. He only joined...
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