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Bad Medicine

It was George Osborne’s genius that he was able to make a virtue of his chosen vice.

For a man who ideologically desires austerity - but who is smart enough to understand that the public do not share that desire - the global financial crisis was a gift. He could - with a sad and sombre mask to hide his glee - slash away at public services and heap the blame on the Labour Party.

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October 17th 2016

There Must be Some Kind of Way Outta Here

Last week, Parliament returned after conference season (rather uncharitably, the Speaker still doesn't extend recess to cover SNP conference) and reality began to bite. It is all very well swanning around Liverpool discussing your "mandate"...
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September 30th 2016

Walk like an Egyptian

You don’t know where you are with a Sphinx, that’s sort of the point. With its lion’s haunches, eagle’s wings and human face – the Sphinx compels and confounds. And then, of course, it...
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September 23rd 2016

Oh, when the saints go marching in

What is the Labour Party? That is the knotty, genuinely existential question that delegates in Liverpool are forced to ponder this weekend. For many Blairites (though not Blair himself) the answer is straightforward. Labour...
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September 20th 2016

The Political Party Conferences 2016

The Labour Party will open their conference in Liverpool on Sunday 25 September, the day after the result of the leadership election has been announced. Jeremy Corbyn is widely expected to win re-election by a...
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July 14th 2016

Taking Care of Business

Theresa May has taken to power like the proverbial duck to water - demonstrating a grip on her party and on her agenda that has surprised many of her colleagues. It is important to...
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