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All falls down

Our new Prime Minister is busy briefing that she intends to ‘move fast and break things’. The markets demonstrate that she is achieving this, to a frankly terrifying extent, so she and her chancellor must be feeling pretty ‘mission accomplished’ as we enter Labour Conference week.

Meanwhile, ahead of his moment in the sun, Sir Keir Starmer’s aides have been likening his approach to the run-up to the next election to ‘a man carrying a priceless Ming vase across a highly polished floor’ (a description, incidentally, lifted from Roy Jenkins - who used it when talking about pre-landslide Blair, which feels apt in its own, imitative way).

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April 13th 2015

You take the low road

Last week’s hodge-podge, melee of a debate left most people none the wiser about who was up and who was down – with only Nicola Sturgeon emerging unequivocally improved in her standing and popularity...
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April 7th 2015

Too many cooks

In the midst of what has been a very flat, uninspiring short campaign there were high hopes of last night’s debate injecting some kind of momentum into the election countdown. In reality, it fell...
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March 30th 2015

The end of the affair

After what feels like months of premature electioneering, this week the House rose for the final time this Parliament. For the Coalition it is the end of the affair. Members from marginal constituencies nervously...
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March 23rd 2015

Budget for the base

George Osborne delivered his final budget of this Parliament surfing a wave of backbench and grassroots expectation. This was the moment they had been waiting for - the breakthrough that would deliver, finally, decisive space...
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March 16th 2015

The Second Coming

With just over fifty days left till Britain votes, the peripheries of politics are moving menacingly to the centre of the action. The polls stubbornly refuse to budge – predicting a stalemate outcome which not...
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January 29th 2015

The Phantom Menace

With the long campaign to May well underway, we’re now all well acquainted with the messages, soundbites and attack-lines that we’ll be treated to over the coming months. If this election feels like it’s already...