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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Back in October, Rishi Sunak claimed - to a slightly baffled Conservative Party Conference audience - that his government was a change government. Politics had been broken for thirty years. Rishi and his band of merry misfits were going to rip up the rule book and sort it all out.

That was a long time ago, in political terms anyway. Today, Rishi Sunak brought former PM and godfather of both austerity (intentionally) and Brexit (accidentally) back as his Foreign Secretary. This begs a number of questions, to say the least.

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September 8th 2017

The Only Way is Up

For most politicians, the rough and tumble of the day-to-day means that tactics come first and strategy has to wait. Our MPs and ministers live in a state of perpetual motion when the House is...
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August 31st 2017

Lodestone celebrates 5th year

On Wednesday, we gathered with friends and family to celebrate Lodestone’s 5th anniversary on the rooftop of the National Theatre in London. With the hung Parliament, Trump, and Brexit, these past five years have been...
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July 21st 2017

I Should've Known We'd Never Get Far

Summer is here and, for Theresa May, it couldn’t have come soon enough. The Prime Minister needs a holiday (three weeks walking in the Alps, since you ask) and so does her party. This...
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June 9th 2017


How do you feel that they won the war? Most of the commentariat remains in shell shock. At Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender. It was as much a surprise to him as it was to his...
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June 2nd 2017

No Expectations

There's just under a week until Britain votes and it is fair to say that the campaign has not gone as Theresa May hoped. When she called a snap election, the Prime Minister was congratulated...
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