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Labour Party Launches Manifesto – ‘Change’

Following a strong showing in last night’s Sky Leaders Debate in Grimsby, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer launched the Party’s manifesto Change at the Co-Op Bank in Greater Manchester surrounded by his Shadow Cabinet. While most manifestos aim to win over voters, Labour’s 23-point poll lead means that the main goal for their launch is not to rock the boat and all the major policies had been well trailed in advance.

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September 17th 2018

This Charming Man

Aung San Suu Kyi has a Nobel Peace Prize. Morrissey created a hymnal to the sorrows of working class difference. Harvey Weinstein has quite a few Oscar winners to his name. It is possible...
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September 3rd 2018

Bomb First (My Second Reply)

Is this how it will be forever? Week in, week out. Like films in the Saw horror franchise or the Changing of the Guard? Boris Johnson - former London Mayor, former Foreign Secretary, former...
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July 18th 2018

Sugar, We're Going Down

The phenomenon of dynamic equilibrium is one that we are all familiar with even though we may not think about it much. When you add sugar to a glass of water the sugar dissolves. All...
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June 15th 2018

When The Levee Breaks

No-one likes a know-it-all and ‘told you so’ are three of the least popular words in the English language but, still, the PM can’t say she wasn’t warned. Irreconcilable promises always - always - find...
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June 13th 2018

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Recent studies have demonstrated that prolonged periods of financial insecurity can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. People who live on the breadline - not knowing from one day to the next how they will feed...
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June 12th 2018

The Unlucky General

Relentlessly, right up to the line, 2017 continues to surprise and unsettle. Damian Green believed that he was in the clear. So did many of his colleagues and sources close to the Prime Minister. But...
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