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Five missions, six first steps, seven… dwarfs? This week Keir Starmer added ballast to his election proposition by outlining how he and his government will begin work to deliver a richer, fairer, less broken Britain. Surrounded by members of his Shadow Cabinet and emblematic endorsers (including some clients of Lodestone!), the Labour Leader was seeking to distil the intent of his five missions into specific policy deliverables.

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July 21st 2017

I Should've Known We'd Never Get Far

Summer is here and, for Theresa May, it couldn’t have come soon enough. The Prime Minister needs a holiday (three weeks walking in the Alps, since you ask) and so does her party. This...
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June 9th 2017


How do you feel that they won the war? Most of the commentariat remains in shell shock. At Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender. It was as much a surprise to him as it was to his...
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June 2nd 2017

No Expectations

There's just under a week until Britain votes and it is fair to say that the campaign has not gone as Theresa May hoped. When she called a snap election, the Prime Minister was congratulated...
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May 30th 2017

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Campaigning has been suspended for much of this week, in honour of those innocents who were massacred in Manchester. As Britain sought to understand what had happened - an impossible task - our politicians reached...
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