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Lodestone Communications and British Poultry Council’s campaign shortlisted for PRCA Award

October 31st 2019

Lodestone Communications is delighted to announce that the Food On Every Table campaign, launched in partnership with the British Poultry Council (BPC), has been shortlisted for the PRCA’s Public Affairs Award for Best Trade Body Campaign of the Year 2019.

The campaign was launched in response to the government’s announcement earlier this year that DEFRA were commissioning Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of Leon Restaurants and the Sustainable Restaurant Association to conduct an independent review into this country’s food system. The BPC and Lodestone were keen to have a positive impact on the first National Food Strategy in 75 years.


Currently 8.4 million people in the UK are still ‘too poor to eat’ - this is unacceptable. Lodestone were therefore delighted to launch this important and timely campaign to change this, in partnership with the BPC. The Food on Every Table campaign is calling on government to deliver a sustainable food strategy that guarantees safe, nutritious and affordable British food to British standards for everyone. It recognises the responsibility that businesses, society and government have in ensuring that everyone, including the most vulnerable, has access to food.

Brexit and the ongoing political uncertainty has presented a challenging backdrop in which to launch a campaign. However, the strategic campaign plan curated by Lodestone in partnership with the BPC, has successfully cut through the noise and made impact. The team used its experience of working within political parties, the media and policy, to design a campaign that combines targeted public affairs, social media strategy and content creation to achieve cross-party by in. So far the campaign has garnered support from parliamentarians across the political spectrum and has contributed to the National Food Strategy call for evidence.

The Food On Every Table campaign has five key asks targeting multiple policy areas. They are as follows:

  • Maintaining a secure supply of food that recognises British standards in post-Brexit trade deals
  • Ensuring access to labour post-Brexit
  • Putting food on the table to alleviate hunger
  • Using British food as a catalyst for improving health, wellbeing and social care
  • Securing a sustainable future for British food by achieving the UN’s SDGs

Lodestone is delighted that this important campaign is being recognised by the PRCA. The work that the agency is doing, alongside the British Poultry Council, will help to ensure that everyone has access to safe, nutritious and affordable British food to British

To find out more about the campaign visit https://www.britishpoultry.org.uk/putting-food-on-every-table/ or search #FoodOnEveryTable.