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February 18th 2019

Seven Nation Army

It is not easy to leave a political party, least of all when you are an elected representative of that party. For a start, if you are an MP, you have given a great deal...
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January 30th 2019


Yesterday was - optically, at least - the best day the Prime Minister has had in ages. In years, in fact. For the first time since the 2017 General Election Theresa May got her...
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January 10th 2019

So What Happens Now?

Another day, another knock. But Mrs May plows on. Thanks to Yvette Cooper she has been defeated on a Finance Bill (the first PM to lose such a vote in forty years) and thanks to...
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January 7th 2019

Slow Train Coming

The ‘trolley dilemma’ is one of philosophy’s most enduring and famous thought-experiments. You will have heard of it. A train is careering down the tracks towards a group of children and the brakes are not...
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December 13th 2018

You Keep Me Hangin' On

The first rule of politics is to learn how to count. So said the ultimate politicians’ politician President Johnson. And he was right, of course. Politics is a bit about ideas and a lot...
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November 16th 2018

Gimme Shelter

It is very rare - particularly at the moment - that the House of Commons makes for must-watch TV. The weekly theatre of Prime Minister’s Questions has become, thanks to the pedestrian performances of...
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November 14th 2018

Dice Roll

They say there are only really seven types of narrative, only a limited number of stories to be told. Voyage and return, rags to riches, tragedy and rebirth etc. Theresa May is a quester...
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October 29th 2018

When the deal goes down

What - actually - is austerity? Or maybe, what was austerity? That is the question upon which the political success of this budget will hinge. The Prime Minister has promised us, after all, that ‘Austerity...
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October 1st 2018

Tell Me Lies

Hands up who wants to live in SuperCanada? It is just like Canada but it has bridges to everywhere and really cheap, chlorinated chicken for all. No? Ok, how about Singapore-Upon-Thames? Or Switzerland-by-Sea? Or...
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September 24th 2018

We’re Not in Kansas

The Wizard of Oz was - before its salvation via Judy Garland - a popular but cranky extended allegory for a niche conspiracy theory. L. Frank Baum - the creator of Oz and of...
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September 17th 2018

This Charming Man

Aung San Suu Kyi has a Nobel Peace Prize. Morrissey created a hymnal to the sorrows of working class difference. Harvey Weinstein has quite a few Oscar winners to his name. It is possible...
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September 3rd 2018

Bomb First (My Second Reply)

Is this how it will be forever? Week in, week out. Like films in the Saw horror franchise or the Changing of the Guard? Boris Johnson - former London Mayor, former Foreign Secretary, former...
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July 18th 2018

Sugar, We're Going Down

The phenomenon of dynamic equilibrium is one that we are all familiar with even though we may not think about it much. When you add sugar to a glass of water the sugar dissolves. All...
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June 15th 2018

When The Levee Breaks

No-one likes a know-it-all and ‘told you so’ are three of the least popular words in the English language but, still, the PM can’t say she wasn’t warned. Irreconcilable promises always - always - find...
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June 13th 2018

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Recent studies have demonstrated that prolonged periods of financial insecurity can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. People who live on the breadline - not knowing from one day to the next how they will feed...
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