May defeat 1024x576
June 9th 2017


How do you feel that they won the war? Most of the commentariat remains in shell shock. At Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender. It was as much a surprise to him as it was to his...
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Debate 1024x682
June 2nd 2017

No Expectations

There's just under a week until Britain votes and it is fair to say that the campaign has not gone as Theresa May hoped. When she called a snap election, the Prime Minister was congratulated...
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Manchester 1024x612
May 30th 2017

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Campaigning has been suspended for much of this week, in honour of those innocents who were massacred in Manchester. As Britain sought to understand what had happened - an impossible task - our politicians reached...
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Tory manifesto
May 19th 2017

What You Want, Baby I Got It

This week, manifesto week, we benefited from a rare public glimpse into the psyches of the two main candidates for Prime Minister and their closest advisers. The manifestos themselves tell you a bit about what...
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Jc 747x1024
May 12th 2017

Tangled up in Blue

Politicians often tell their media interrogators that 'the only poll that counts is the one on the day' in order to deflect hypotheticals about likely outcomes. Given the recent track record of polling accuracy, this...
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Tim Farron 1024x683
May 5th 2017

Homeward Bound  

Theresa May is often described as a ‘cautious’ politician. She weighs her options, we are told, engaging forensically with the evidence before arriving at a decision. That is true up to a point. But, as...
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Emre 153 V Pk1 NZQ unsplash
April 28th 2017

What's New Pussy Cat?

The first week of the election campaign closes today, with Parliament prorogued and candidates hastily selected in almost all seats for the main parties. Theresa May used her final PMQs of the season to hammer...
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Article 50 2 1024x683
March 29th 2017

Can’t Buy Me Love

Triggering Article 50 - as the Prime Minister has done today - is a necessary precondition to negotiating anything about Britain's future relationship with the EU. Since the Brexit vote, all the central pillars...
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March 13th 2017

Till I can’t take it anymore

In the end, Nicola Sturgeon had to call for a second referendum on Scottish independence. Since the Brexit vote, she had been dancing precariously on the head of a pin. The result had snuck up...
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Ugur akdemir Hb Yngl D Qmuo unsplash
March 10th 2017

We’re caught in a trap

There is a paradox at the heart of this week's budget, and in the popular reaction to it. On the one hand, the landmark changes to National Insurance for self-employed people signal the level of...
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February 24th 2017

Night Changes

It's a tribute to the uniquely low electoral expectations that Jeremy Corbyn inspires that calls for his resignation today are muted and unconvincing. It is safe to say that any other major party leader who...
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Sail Away 1024x649
January 18th 2017

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

It was Theresa May's overwhelming armada of support in the parliamentary Conservative Party that made her Prime Minister. Had her coalition of MPs not been so broad and so deep she may have found herself...
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Corbyn Note Image 2 1024x682
January 11th 2017

If you don’t know me by now…

This week Jeremy Corbyn returned to work after a lengthy (and hopefully restful) Winterval break. As the Labour Leader toured breakfast TV and radio studios, many of his backbenchers were given cause to regret their...
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Round the corner 1024x1024
November 24th 2016

Round the Corner Fudge is Made

Yesterday, Philip Hammond delivered what he promised would be the last ever Autumn Statement. This quirk of the British parliamentary year has long caused more problems than it solved. No other Western democracy demands that...
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