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April 20th 2015

When shall we three meet again?

Last night’s ‘challengers debate’ was a peculiar creature. Five party leaders lined up to rail against a Government that wasn’t even represented. Of course, this was what Cameron and co. had hoped for –...
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April 13th 2015

You take the low road

Last week’s hodge-podge, melee of a debate left most people none the wiser about who was up and who was down – with only Nicola Sturgeon emerging unequivocally improved in her standing and popularity...
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April 7th 2015

Too many cooks

In the midst of what has been a very flat, uninspiring short campaign there were high hopes of last night’s debate injecting some kind of momentum into the election countdown. In reality, it fell...
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March 30th 2015

The end of the affair

After what feels like months of premature electioneering, this week the House rose for the final time this Parliament. For the Coalition it is the end of the affair. Members from marginal constituencies nervously...
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March 23rd 2015

Budget for the base

George Osborne delivered his final budget of this Parliament surfing a wave of backbench and grassroots expectation. This was the moment they had been waiting for - the breakthrough that would deliver, finally, decisive space...
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March 16th 2015

The Second Coming

With just over fifty days left till Britain votes, the peripheries of politics are moving menacingly to the centre of the action. The polls stubbornly refuse to budge – predicting a stalemate outcome which not...
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Bleak midwinter street
December 15th 2014

In the Bleak Midwinter

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement was his – and the Conservative Party’s – last chance to inject ‘big bang’ economic arguments into the forthcoming General Election. There will be a final Budget of this Parliament early...
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December 1st 2014

Hard Times

If UKIP had sought to genetically engineer a politician, designed to best aid their disgruntled narrative of a political class that is both elitist and metropolitan, they could very well have ended up with Emily...
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A new relationship
October 12th 2014

The Spirit of ‘45

Whatever the final result of the vote itself, the Scottish independence referendum has been a crushing and humiliating blow for the British establishment. The United Kingdom entered this campaign with a double-digit lead over separatism...
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October 10th 2014

Four in the bed and the little one said…

After three weeks on the road, touring the country’s hotel bars and conference centres, the political establishment is now left to mull over the state of the parties. What is clear is that this is...
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Oh england my lionheart
September 19th 2014

Oh England, my lionheart

Not only did Scotland vote to stick with the Union last night but they did so convincingly. A campaign that had seemed set to do the politically impossible – and somersault from a 25 point...
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A new relationship
September 10th 2014

A New Relationship

*This note was commissioned from a SNP insider and Lodestone Associate Scotland moving towards independence is part of long process. The SNP was formed in 1934 but it wasn’t until the late 60s that an...
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August 22nd 2014

Out in the Cold

Scottish Referendum - 18 September 2014 *This note was commissioned from a Scottish Labour insider and Lodestone Associate Summary Scottish independence would mean: - a new currency - initially 'sterlingisation', the unilateral adoption of the...
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July 17th 2014

The Final Countdown

The deckchairs on Mr. Cameron’s Titanic were not so much rearranged as entirely re-upholstered this week, as he sought to put in place a top team fit for a general election. Many have described the...
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Not london calling
May 23rd 2014

Not London Calling

Why do people vote UKIP? That is going to be the take-home question from today’s local election results – and, indeed, from the Europeans which will be announced over the weekend. It is clear now...
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